Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I create new alerts?

On September 7th, no new submissions will be allowed until January. This "off season" time will allow us to improve the functionality of the website and service. If you have an existing alert setup, that alert will continue to run.

Does this site make reservations or hold campsites so others can't reserve them?

No. This site does not reserve or book reservations. It simply alerts you to campground site availability. You are still responsible for booking your own campsite after you receive the notification.

Can I setup multiple alerts for different dates or sites?


Does it work?

Yes. Last year we piloted the program and successfully sent alerts that allowed a family to spend a week at Ludington State Park, consistently one of the most challenging parks to book. Check out the Testimonial page for more.

What does it cost?

Nothing. This is a free service I'm providing because Michigan is a beautiful state for camping and no one should have to suffer while trying to secure a site.

How often does the site check for cancellations?

MI Camp Hunter checks daily for cancellations. You will only receive an alert if an open camp site is found based on the criteria you provided.

Why did I receive an alert when the site is not available?

Someone may reserve the site between the time you get alerted and the time you check the reservation site. The recommendation is to check the reservation site immediately after receiving an alert.

Why was this site created?

If you've ever tried to reserve a Michigan State Park campsite you know that reservations open six months in advance, but unless you are lucky enough to hit that perfect millisecond your preferred site is available, then you are left checking the reservation site weekly, if not daily, to see if anybody has cancelled their reservation so you can grab it. My wife and I have spent countless frustrating mornings trying to reserve sites at our favorite campgrounds, and I finally got fed up and created this site to do the work for us.